Kerberos Delegation

When authenticating against a server across the network a common problem that people encounter is the inability to access downstream servers like a file share. This is because the network session that is running the code does not have access to the account’s secret to regenerate the network tokens required to access that downstream server. … [Read more…]

Wacky WSMan on Linux

A few years ago I jumped from doing all my dev work on Windows to Linux. This migration has had a few challenges but one of the things I struggled with initially was the lack of native tooling that can be used to easily and seamlessly interact with other Microsoft products. I’ve typically found some … [Read more…]

PowerShell Remoting on Python

One thing I am looking into everyday as part of my job is how to make the remote management of Windows servers easier. Currently the best way is through WinRM but as I’ve written about before, WinRM can be such a vague term. It can mean refer to different technologies and the answer to what … [Read more…]

Introducing PsExec for Python

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to find a way that gives people more options around running commands on a Windows host remotely. Currently you have a few options available to you that enable this; Configure WinRM Bake in commands to the startup process, like a Windows answer file or AWS user data … [Read more…]

Demystifying WinRM

One of the most common problems I come across today when it comes to remotely managing Windows is dealing with WinRM and its inconsistencies. I wanted to create a blog post that will help people understand what goes on with WinRM a bit more so that they can better use this resource on Windows. This … [Read more…]